Current subscribers may submit at any time.

Fast-track submissions open January 31, and regular submissions on May 31.

Please note that our account is capped at 300 submissions per month. Once we hit that, regular submissions will close until the beginning of the next month.

  • Submit up to five poems in one document via the online submission manager, no more than 15 pages, no more than twice every 12 months, one submission at a time. Response time for regular submissions varies. For regular submissions, please don't query before six months. 
  • No previously published poetry. 
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere by adding a note in the submission manager.  
  • Include a short cover letter with a ~50  word bio. We like a little flavor, but standard fare is fine too.
  • We acquire First North American serial rights and reprint rights for potential inclusion in future anthologies  and promotional material; upon publication, rights revert to the author. We reserve the right to submit your work to third-party awards/anthologies, reviews, and advocacy websites, such as The Pushcart Prize, The Review Review, Verse Daily, etc.
  • Payment is two contributor's copies and a discount on additional copies.
  • Send only original work. If you quote another poet or source, we expect that source to receive credit.          

This option is only for current Sugar House Review subscribers (which means a printed issue shows up in your mailbox). If you are a current subscriber, we will respond to your submission in 30 days or less. Subscribers may submit at any time, whether we are open to regular submissions or not.

If you do not subscribe to Sugar House Review, you can buy a subscription during the submission process or you may use the fast-track or regular submission option. 

For a mere $3, your submission is put on the fast track (we'll get back to you in 60 days or less) and you'll receive a PDF of our most recent issue.

Please be aware that our response time for regular submissions is 6+ months. We understand if you don't want to wait that long—we're doing the best we can with our small, volunteer staff.

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